Monday, 16 July 2012

Mrs Staypuft the Marshmallow Girl

On Saturday we held our 'Champagne and Favours' event and trialed our new gourmet marshmallows on a small but lovely group of willing tasters. The verdict......scrumptious! And thank goodness for that! Because now maybe someone other can me can eat them (I am seriously turning in to Mrs Staypuft, the Marshmallow Girl.....ever see Ghostbusters?)

I am really genuinely excited about these. It has taken a lot of research and trial and error to come up with the best recipes, but homemade marshmallows are just so much better than the shop bought variety - and they can be made in such amazing flavours!

For the tasting on Saturday, I made:
  • champagne and roses chocolate marshmallows dipped in belgian chocolate 
  • vanilla marshmallows made with a real vanilla pod
  • strawberry/raspberry marshmallows made with fresh strawberries and raspberries and topped with freeze dried strawberry pieces
  • honey marshmallows, made with greek honey and cut in to pretty heart shapes
  • coffee marshmallows, made with roasted coffee beans
The favourites were...chocolate ('pillowy chocolate heaven')....strawberry/raspberry ('my favourite - taste like summer!')....and coffee ('these are yummy - can you make a coffee liqueur version?'). We have put a link and some prices on the website now if you are interested in ordering.

It's funny, because during my research I found an article about marshmallows titled 'Are marshmallows the new cupcakes'? You can read it for yourself here.

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