Thursday, 13 June 2013

Lin: 1 Monster Mixer: 0

There is no doubt that the Monster Mixer was intimidating. It took 3 of us (yes - 1 woman and 2 boysmen) to lift it on to the work surface. And it was only really when it was sat next to my now oh-so-small Kitchenaid mixer that I realised how ENORMOUS it was!

 It's a Hobart mixer - second-hand, with some serious repairs at the back (maybe I should call it Robo Mixer....) but it is amazingly quiet! 

Using it for the first time was....scary! With marshmallows, everything makes a difference - even the type of whisk you use! It seemed slower than the Kitchenaid at first, and given that it can make four times the volume, I thought it would be slower - how wrong was I! The first batch of marshmallow I made was whipped to the point of glue - check out the whisk....

As my Twitter friend The Gentleman Baker commented at the time, 'how much profit was left on that?!'

But after a little practice, I got the hang of it - which meant it was time to fill up my other new toy - the Mobile Mallow Mover!

Its a FAB piece of kit! And is now almost full of yummy trays of marshmallow.....just some serious cutting and bagging to go......

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