Saturday, 25 May 2013

My Marshmallows are in the Press!

I was really thrilled to get a whole page coverage in the June issue of Hampshire Life magazine!  In case you can't find a copy (I may have bought a few :) ), this is what they had to say....

Made in Hampshire Created almost by accident, these heavenly marshmallow squares are threatening to knock cupcakes off the tea tray podium, as Elizabeth Barnett found out.
Lin Clark has always loved cooking, and especially experimenting with different recipes so when she came across one for raspberry marshmallows, she was intrigued to try them out. She was so impressed with the results she tested them on friends and family and they went down a storm. Before Christmas last year she found herself making and selling several hundred bags to colleagues, and after a brain-storming session with her family, came up with the name Little Delicious.
"After Christmas I picked up the phone and started making calls to farm shops and cafes in the local area," says Lin. "It was a bit nerve-racking at first as I am not a sales woman, but I really believed my product was exceptional - and luckily, the public seem to agree. I now sell through a growing number of outlets in Hampshire, and as far afield as Wales and Kent." 
For Lin, the best thing about marshmallows is that they are incredibly versatile. With the raspberry flavour selling so well, she started experimenting with different recipes and flavours until she came up with exactly the right texture and taste.  Some of the most popular flavours include Lemon Meringue and Salted Caramel Heaven but she had to draw the line at Beer Marshmallows, concluding that it was perhaps taking the flavour combination a bit too far. 
Lin spends time on Little Delicious by night, and is a project manager by day, working on a fostering project for eleven local authorities in the South East. She says: "I really enjoy the contrast between my day job and night job - I suspect though that I may need to give up the day job soon as I am struggling to meet demand." With a house full of tubs of glucose and ingredients, it certainly sounds like she may need a place to expand. Gourmet marshmallows have been labelled as the 'new cupcakes' in America and so it will only be a matter of time before the trend for these virtually fat-free treats hits the UK. Lin is well prepared for when it does: "I haven been talking to a family-run confectionery producer in Yorkshire about working with him to improve the shelf-life and increase production. I am also developing new packaging and a boxed range, as I think gourmet marshmallows offer a new and attractive alternative to boxed chocolates as gifts." 
Get ahead of the crowd and order a selection of Lin's gourmet marshmallows online at They are also available in several farm shops across the county.
Updated corrections and clarifications (August 2015)
- Please note that this information is now out of date. Our marshmallows are handmade in the EU and the company name is now Belinda Clark Confectioner Ltd. A lot can change over the course of a few years! Visit for more information.

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