Friday, 22 February 2013

Food Photography that Looks Good Enough to Eat!

I know nothing about photography, and I really had no idea just how involved it was. Mind you, this was a proper photo shoot - rather than a point-and-shoot (which is my normal approach - and that's with the camera on my phone!)

I discovered that REAL photography involves a myriad of lenses, a scrim (wait dear reader, and I will enlighten you with my new found expertise), step ladders, lying on the floor, and a shed load of greaseproof paper.

Simon and Brook from 3 Men and a Suit were definitely the real deal. Simon told me that the previous day he had been photographing a wedding at St Paul's cathedral! My marshmallows were, indeed, honoured.

The shoot started with the raspberry, and a decision over which surface to place them on. The chopping board was selected as having enough-but-not-too-much texture and after a light sanding (I kid you not) it was put to good use.

We started with the raspberry before moving on to the mocha. Each flavour was lovingly stacked and restacked, and a scrim* was employed to get the light just right. Some of them just wouldn't play ball and it was literally a case of Simon trying to shoot whilst they were stood to attention...

One of my favourite shots was of the lemon meringue marshmallow, which was taken with Simon lying on the floor to make the most of a shaft of sunlight coming through the glass doors....

After the basic flavour shots were done, we moved on to more fancy choc chip marshmallows in coffee, coconut marshmallows in a beautiful glass bowl, and a really lovely arrangement which is now on the front page of the website:

I have to say it is hard to choose between the photos. I know our marshmallows taste good - but thanks to 3 Men and a Suit they now look as good as they taste.

*Scrim - a sheet of gauze or translucent material used to weakly diffuse a light-source, giving a soft but still directional light like hazy sunlight. Get me!

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