Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Gourmet Marshmallow Tsunami - It's coming!

Can you imagine it? A slow wave of marshmallow enveloping everything in it's path? Death by sugar (but completely fat free!)

Well, I sort of feel like the wave may have started. Which is the MOST AMAZING feeling. Last year, just before Christmas, we sold loads of marshmallows, and had lots and lots of really positive feedback. I secretly dared to hope that it might go somewhere....but also secretly feared it would just stop completely after Christmas.

Well, guess what? It really IS going somewhere. Yesterday, I went to see a couple of potential customers, clutching my Pink Box of Delights. And it would seem that both Portsmouth and Chichester will be enjoying gourmet marshmallows from Little Delicious!

I am especially excited about Chichester Festival Theatre, who will be stocking our marshmallows for the summer season in their new Pavilion!

And what's really exciting (for me at least because I LOVE developing new flavours) is that we will be creating two new flavours especially for them. I have already had some steer from Michelle, CFT's lovely Front Of House Manager, and have started thinking up some new ideas.....

And now to Caracoli, who today confirmed an order for February, and a taste testing for the morning of the 2nd February at their beautiful shop in Alresford.

We will actually making marshmallows for Caracoli to sell under their own brand - which is an honour for us as Caracoli are such an up and coming - and such a discerning - brand. Director, Gail Nichols, was one of the taste testers for the Great Taste Awards last year, and feels that we stand a good chance of winning a medal with our Raspberry Marshmallows - so watch this space!

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